Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hoping for a moment of clarity

People hope for a happiness, for shiny beautiful life.
People expect greatness comes to life.
People want a second chance, an experience.
People hope and expect and want and pray for a lot of things.
But me? I hope for a moment.
One single moment that so significant it will change my life. People hope for romance of life. People praying so God have romance with them. People hope for anything. But I don’t. I hope for a moment.

You know those movies? Where a single moment can define everything, can give a clarity, can change everything? Like ‘the saturday detention’ in ‘the breakfast club’ where 5 ultimately different people required to sat together and there’s a moment when they’re talking that change them. No one saying it, but everything’s change. Or a simple train ride can give jesse’s and celine’s life so much meaning in ‘before sunrise’. A moment. Just a moment. That’s what I’m hoping for.

I said before that I am a hopeful person. Not a positive one or an optimist one, but hopeful. So when other people hope for love and happiness and romance and life, I hope for a moment. A moment that I could point out and said “that’s the moment when everything’s change”.
Well, I’m not being hypocrite, or full of shit, I do hope the moment bring something good. I do hope the moment bring clarity. I’m hoping for a defining moment that makes all the cloud disappeared, and make everything’s make a more sense.

So yeah. I’m not longing for any sort kind of romance in life, I’m just hopeful for a moment that can bring me some clarity.


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