Wednesday, August 11, 2010

how tv series save my life

you know why i love tv series and Disney cartoon so much?
call me a dork by saying this, but i think those tv series and those disney’s movies i love so much kinda’ save my life.
you know why i love series like ugly betty, one tree hill, being erica and movies like cinderella, up, and all those cartoons?
it’s all because those series and those cartoons are about dreams..
they talk about dreams, about don't let yourself be too afraid to dreaming.
they talk about dream big and try to make it happen and it did happen there.
they talk about how to pursue your happiness. how to achieve the dream you had.
they talk about it’s okay to have dreams, it’s okay to have hopes, it’s okay to actually believes that good things did happens.
and for someone who’s afraid to dreaming, who’s afraid to hoping, who’s afraid to be happy, watching those series and those cartoons just make me want to believe again.
it all gave me hopes.
it all make me want to believe that there’s something great out there, that there’s still faith left to hold on to, that it’s okay to believe that good things aren’t just a myth.
i know it sound so damn geek…
but i really- really wanted to believe again that there is still greatness left out there. and good things does happens…
yeah i did realize that these might sound so freakin' dorky and weird and come of as a really- really unhealthy behaviour, but hey everyone needs a reminder to keep believing in good things when they stop believing, right?


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