Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quotes #9

god, i love this quote...


You can drive at 16, go to war at 18.
You can drink at 21 and retire at 65.
So how old do u have to be before your love is real?

this quote is from One Tree Hill TV series season 2 episode 2 where James, Haley's father give 'Naley' a wedding speech at party that Lucas threw for them...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

love yourself more, and another less

When we got heartache, we thought we were broken already.
We became bitter and bitter every day.
We over think it, we got desperate, hell a lot worse mentally break down.
We felt that our world has vanished away, our place to stand has ripped away from under our feet.
We thought that we're done, finish, nothing else matter.

Sounds lame, eh?
Well yeah, it is pretty lame.
But if your heart ever got broken, go see yourself at the mirror.
That sort of lame-ass things are what we used to do when we're broken heart.
I think what people said about desperation was right. People can do crazy thing when they're desperate.
And if anyone ever asked me why we (me and whoever you are, you know who you are) acted so lame, I had to say it's all because we love other people more and love our self less.
We just give the whole us to someone else, so when they're gone, there is nothing left to ourself.
Cos a lot of people tend to make whoever jackasses-so-called-bf/gf/-or-fake-best friends become their whole world. We give so much of ourself to them without left anything to ourself, so when one of them screw us over, we THOUGHT we're done.
But, hell, we know it ain' true. You know it, I know it.
We just need to feel worthy again. We just need to be able to feel our self again.
And I think the best way to feel better when you're not so good after all is by loving yourself more and love anyone else less.

So please, Love your self more than anyone else, okay?
Cos if one day you got caught in some bad relationship where you just ended being hurt so freakin' bad, you would remember how much you love yourself and no one is worth hurting you that bad.
Because I do believe that there is no point staying in some unhealthy relationship, trying to fought for something yourself wasn't sure that you could win the war or you couldn't, just for the sake of lame ass jack hole who you thinks own your heart.
Well of course you could stayed, hurt each other some more, beating yourself up till you can't even barely stand for all I care, but once again, please do love yourself first before you ever falling in love with any one else so you could feel worthy and when whoever you'd fall in love with having your heart crushed just remember that you are worthy.
You are worth more than just some heartache from some skanky asshole.
And for what its worth, I just wanna assure you that one day whoever skanky bitch or ugly-ass bastard that happen to hurt you will paying 'their bills' anyway.
So don't worry to free yourself from some painful relationship, cos frankly speaking there's still a lot of jerks awaits to screw you over and to be screwed by you..
And there's absolutely no good by feeling desperate and all not-good-enough-to-be-happy or feeling down cos your heart were smashed and crushed, because there's still a lot of things, a lot of pretty good things could've happen in your life, and it's a damn shame to let those things slipping away just because an ass feeling of a heartache..

Saturday, March 27, 2010


We (speaking as a girl to all girls) happen to be more attracted to bad boys.
More rebel they look, more hot they became.
More bad they act, more cool they seem.
Yeah, we (girls) happens to love jerks. Jack asses..
We happens to fell in love with some jack ass who we knew exactly from the very beginning he was an asshole who had a huge potential to tore and broke our heart.
Yes. We knew it, but we chose to deny it, and yet still impulsively went out with them.
It's not a bad thing tho'.. Cos the hard life gets you, the more clever you become to get over it.
and yeah we all knew how the story goes.
It's a classic..
Girl falls in love with a boy who happens to be such a jerk,
and bam!
There you go, boy walks away and leave the girl with a heartache, most of it a big fat giant hole in her heart.
And we, cos we sometimes are a vulnerable human being, tend to keep hangin' on thoughts that he will regret every bad things they've done to us and one day would run come crawling back to us.
Well, let me tell you guys something.
That won't be happening!
Well, in some sort of special case, maybe it did happened.
But 8 from 10 story prove it won't happened.
Why it won't be happening? Cos they were jerks.
Guys are jerks. And jerks don't do nice.
So they will never regret whatever bad things they've done, even so they most likely didn't even noticed that they hurt us.
So if you one from that bunch sad-self pittying-broken girls who happens still hangin' on some jerks, let me give you some advise, "go get a life, you sad pathetic lame girls!".

you are definitely wasting your time.. And even though you still wanna wait, at least don't stopped your world, don't live your life with sad looking eyes and tons of regrets and "what could've been sentence" hangin' first thing in your freakin' mind..
At least go live a life while you're waiting.
If he's destined to be with you he'll come around..

don't you ever thinking that there is no one else out there for you cos they were..
Don't you ever afraid of losing one jerk and put love as an excuse,
cos they're so much fish in the sea and frankly speaking there's still so much other jack asses waiting to hurt you.
So don't worry, you'll get yourself another jerk eventually.

and third,
have peace with yourself.
i know that break-ups were hard, tough.
goodbyes are sad.
but let us think that goodbyes are new beginning.
A chance to start something new..
and just for the love of God, please stop feel sorry for your self.
stand up, go put some action,
be the best of you
and find happier life...!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Quotes #8

" I loved you,
but I love my self more.
So... Bye!"


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Di twitter lagi seru banget topic soal #whenifirstmet. It's about when did you first met someone or something and how d'you think of him/her/it..
And it got me thinking how and when I first met my friends.

1. @echiechiechie
I believe that the first time I met her was back when I still in first grade of elementary school, it's about 14 bloody years ago. Damn, boy! She was a bitch! Well, she still a bitch tho', but now I love her bitchiness.. Back then she was in the same clique with this cruel, bitchy, mean girl, april (may God bless her soul and bless whoever stays being her friend because, damn, I'm sure that's hard!), the bitchiest 6 years old girl I've ever seen.
Tapi sayangnya, gue ga pernah inget kenapa gue bisa deket sama dia sih.. But I'm glad we're friends till now.

2. @swastikaaa
Dari SD gue udah satu sekolah sama dia, tapi kita beda kelas sampe kelas 6 kita sama- sama ikut TLM nari *oh I know what you thinking, me? Dancing?*. Terus pas kelas 1 SMP gue sekelas sama dia. Under a lot circumstances, we become close.
Gue inget banget pertama kali gue pikir dia ini anaknya normal, eh ternyata... Dia anak paling ngga normal yang pernah jadi temen gue. Boy, she's weird!
Dia satu-satu nya temen gue yang menganggap makanan yang diaduk itu jorok dan make kaos kaki harus dari kanan ke kiri (or else dia bakalan copot tuh kaos kaki dan make ulang dari kanan ke kiri).

3. @joannayushi
Waktu pertama kali ketemu dia sih dia masih kecil banget waktu gue main kerumahnya si @echiechiechie. Litterally kecil banget. Kurus kering kerempeng kayak anak pesakitan, ngga nyangka banget dah kalo sekarang sekitar 10 tahun kemudian, ini anak makannya jadi kayak kuli panggul..
Dulu sih adek nya si @echiechiechie ini terlihat begitu tenang, ternyata gue salah sodara sodari sekalian. Anaknya geradakan bener dan gue sama sekali ngga mengira kalo she'll become one of my bestest friend.

4. @carolineirwan
Sebenernya pertama kali liat mah disalah satu lorong sekolah gue once upon a time, tapi yang berkesan sih waktu pertama kali masuk kelas 2 SMP dan dia duduk di depan gue.
Gue inget banget tuh dulu itu lagi pelajaran ekonomi, disuruh kelompok, jadilah gue ajakin dia buat sekelompok sama gue dan dimulailah awal pertemanan yang indah *wahahahahahaha*.

5. @sheilaliliana
Pertama kali ketemu dia itu jaman SD dah..
Belom temenan tuh, soalnya beda kelas dan dia mah temenan nya sama cowo yang *katanya* paling ditakutin 1 SD *makk..cemen bener yakk?*, pokoknya sangar dahhh!!
Terus kelas 1 SMP ternyata kita sekelas, dan masih aja dia mah sombong, temenannya sama anak- anak barisan kanan, isinya pinter- pinter semua.
Kagak inget bisa deket nya kenapa, yang jelas awalnya gue mikir dia pendiem, ah tahiiii, ternyata anaknya sableng juga..

6. Nathasia theno
Boy I forgot when we first met, I think it was also in first grade elementary school.
But about kelas 3 SD dia duduk sebaris sama gue dan temen- temen gue karena 2 ekor temen nya was such a bitch, and as far as I can remember I always best friend with her dan pertemanan gue dengan dia memgang rekor ngga pernah berantem sama sekali selama 14 taon gue kenal sama dia..

7. @vickasapta
Pertama kali ketemu dia itu pas hari pertama masuk kuliah..
dia duduk di depan gue pake jas almamater.
Pas ngobrol, dia sukses bikin gue melongo karena rumahnya jauh pisan di taman mini dan membuat gue sadar kalo masih ada belahan bumi lainnya..
Dan gue inget banget hari kedua gue udah dengan cihuy nya merubah nama dia menjadi "upik" dan ngajakin dia nge-gosip di comment friendster.
Gue pikir dia anaknya netral, eh ngga tau nya.. Tukang gosip juga dia..!

8. @winnieleono
Pas hari kedua kuliah, tempat duduk gue di dudukin orang, jadinya gue harus duduk sebaris sama nih si encim.
Awalnya diem aje dia di pojokan.
Terus besokannya gue lagi jalan mau pulang dia panggil gue dan nanya, "lu ngerokok juga?" Gara- gara gue mainnya sama anak- anak cowo di 5B.. Hahaha..
And we became friends since then..
Pertama sih gue kagak nyangka banget dah klo ni si encim mulutnya minta gue cabe-in..
Marah- marah mulu ngajakin kelahi..

9. @manda_armani
Awalnya gue pikir nih anak pinter nih. Pake kacamata, duduk di depan. Jadilah, gue terjebak satu kelompok kuliah pancasila gitu sama dia. Dengan harapan gue bisa nge-benalu-in dia, eh ternyata...
Penampilan emang bisa menipu. Tampang anak pinter itu hanya topeng!
Aslinya.. *inailahi* jauh dari normal.. Esumpedee banget dah ini anak cuwawakan parah.
Kagak bisa diem, kalo ketawa nular. Dan ternyata, dia duduk di depan gara- gara kagak muat kebelakang.. Wahaha..
Dan usut punya usut, ternyata temen- temen gue sama temen-temen dia saling berhubungan dan saling kenal, ca'ur banget dah kecil nya dunia gue begitu ketemu dia.

10. @ririnherman
Pertama kali ketemu itu pas sama-sama tau kalo kita sekelompok computer workshop dan kami pun tukeran nomer henpon *makkk...jadul bener sih perasaan*
Gue kira anaknya lempeng. Normal. Behave. Ternyata, salah total!
Boro- boro lempeng! Sakit juga nih anak kagak tau nya..
Jadi deket itu gara- gara tiba- tiba ngga ada ujan ngga ada angin, dia duduk di depan bersama gue, @manda_armani, @vickasapta dan @winnieleono yang akhirnya terbentuklah "gank" maha ca'ur yang uda hampir 2 taon kagak ketemu- ketemu juga nama yang waras *please guys, nama pinQ guRlz itu ngga masuk itungan!*..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Michelle Featherstone - Coffee and Cigarettes

rain outside.
pitch black room, only with a light from laptop's LCD.
sitting alone in silence, despite rainy sound outside.
too silent, decided to click iTunes, and play some music.
"coffee and cigarettes" by Michelle Featherstone was my choice. one of soundtrack from a very popular TV Series, One Tree Hill.
I gave up coffee and cigarettes
I hate to say it hasn't helped me yet
I thought my problems would just dissipate
And all my pain would be in yesterday

I poured my booze all down the kitchen drain
And watched my bad habits get flushed away
I thought that that would keep my head on straight
And all my pain would be in yesterday

But it's true
I'm still blue
But I finally know what to do
I must quit
I must quit

I thought that if I didn't go and play
The sadness would get bored and go away
I thought that if I didn't go astray
Then all my pain would be in yesterday

But it's true
I'm still blue
But I finally know what to do
I must quit
I must quit

I sold my guitar and my piano
I thought that it was these that kept me low
I thought if only I could try and change
That all my pain would be in yesterday

But it's true
I'm still blue
But I finally know what to do
I must quit
I must quit

I must quit
I must quit

and i suddenly realize what i needed was quitting.
quitting rooting for better version of "our" story and start rooting for a new story for a better life...

Monday, March 1, 2010

one night, one discussion, two discussion junkie

one crazy conversation between me and sheila...

rei says:

menurut pengalaman gue yg hampir selalu bersedih ini

sheila says:



rei says:

the best way to forget adalah don't remember it...


sheila says:


as simple as that yaaa

rei says:


susah sih prakteknya

soalnya kita punya tendensi jadi orang rapuh yg annoying

sheila says:


rei says:

tp sebenernya cara termudahnya ya dengan tidak mengingat kalo kita sedih

sheila says:


gw akan cari tau gimana caranya melakukan hal itu

rei says:

jangan di cari tau,tp dijalanin aja la...

jangan fokus sama sedihnya

tp pikirin aja kalo sedih itu ngga nyata,semua cuma ada di pikiran lu

krn kenyataannya emang sebenernya bukan hati yg sakit la waktu lu sedih

tp otak lu

soal hati itu ngga bisa ngerasain apa2.sakit yg ada di hati itu cuma kangker dan segala macem sakit fisik lainnya

sedangkan sedih?

semua cuma ada di kepala lu

sheila says:


didnt realise that before

but its totally right ya

yg cape ya otak

bukan hati]

rei says:


semua perasaan yg kita rasain itu asalnya dari otak

bohong ada orang yg bilang terlalu perasa karena terlalu pake hati

woi hellow,hati itu cuma organ yg bikin enzim dan ntah apa itu di perut lu

dia ngga bisa menciptakan dan mendeliver perasaan apa2

semua itu kerja otak

sheila says:

kerjaan ipa ya itu gw bahkan ga ngerti enzim apaan


rei says:



kalo sedih,lu kompromi lah sama otak lu

lu rubah persepsi lo soal sedih

dan ini yg lu blg gue tiba2 rohani

tp ini bener banget la

cukup anggep Tuhan lagi ngajakin lu becandaan la

sheila says:


rei says:

jadi cobalah mengerti selera humor nya tuhan yg rada aneh dan sulit di mengerti

dan ketawa lah sama Tuhan

sheila says:

u know

i know that God will not give me anything i cant handle

but i just wish he didnt trust me so much

rei says:


bener juga ya...

sheila says:


nyolong quote dr temen

temen ntah nyolong drmana

rei says:


sebenernya sedih sama seneng itu ngga ada lagi...

sheila says:

jadi seneng sama aja kaya sedih?

ada di otak doank gitu?

rei says:


sheila says:

masalah persepsi aja

rei says:


semua cuma ada di otak lu

yg beda cuma otak lu mentransfer informasi yg mana ke bagian tubuh tertentu lu yg menciptakan 2 zat yg berbeda yg punya 2 efek yg berbeda

sheila says:

plis dont talk science


rei says:

kita ini generasi yg ikut2an la..generasi yg ngikut sama apa yg udah ada...dan kita tau nya,diputusin itu sedih,jadian itu seneng

misalnya itu ya case nya

karena semua org taunya diputusin itu sedih

kita kalo diputusin cuma tau itu sedih

maka kita jadi sedih

dan otak kita mentransfer informasi sediih ke seluruh penjuru badan kita

sehingga badan bereaksi atas informasi sedih kita

gitu juga sebaliknya

sheila says:


rei says:

jadi sedih sama seneng itu cuma masalah persepsi

sheila says:

gw rasa ya re

lu uda terlalu dalem berkutat dalam hal sedih seneng ini

sampe2 lu bingung antara2 keduanya


rei says:

hahahhaaa...kayaknya iya la...

sampe2 gue ga tau lagi gue seneng apa ngga

sampe gue ga tau lagi yg mana seneng yg mana ngga

sheila says:



tq loh rei sudah ditemani

aku merasa terhibur!

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