Tuesday, March 30, 2010

love yourself more, and another less

When we got heartache, we thought we were broken already.
We became bitter and bitter every day.
We over think it, we got desperate, hell a lot worse mentally break down.
We felt that our world has vanished away, our place to stand has ripped away from under our feet.
We thought that we're done, finish, nothing else matter.

Sounds lame, eh?
Well yeah, it is pretty lame.
But if your heart ever got broken, go see yourself at the mirror.
That sort of lame-ass things are what we used to do when we're broken heart.
I think what people said about desperation was right. People can do crazy thing when they're desperate.
And if anyone ever asked me why we (me and whoever you are, you know who you are) acted so lame, I had to say it's all because we love other people more and love our self less.
We just give the whole us to someone else, so when they're gone, there is nothing left to ourself.
Cos a lot of people tend to make whoever jackasses-so-called-bf/gf/-or-fake-best friends become their whole world. We give so much of ourself to them without left anything to ourself, so when one of them screw us over, we THOUGHT we're done.
But, hell, we know it ain' true. You know it, I know it.
We just need to feel worthy again. We just need to be able to feel our self again.
And I think the best way to feel better when you're not so good after all is by loving yourself more and love anyone else less.

So please, Love your self more than anyone else, okay?
Cos if one day you got caught in some bad relationship where you just ended being hurt so freakin' bad, you would remember how much you love yourself and no one is worth hurting you that bad.
Because I do believe that there is no point staying in some unhealthy relationship, trying to fought for something yourself wasn't sure that you could win the war or you couldn't, just for the sake of lame ass jack hole who you thinks own your heart.
Well of course you could stayed, hurt each other some more, beating yourself up till you can't even barely stand for all I care, but once again, please do love yourself first before you ever falling in love with any one else so you could feel worthy and when whoever you'd fall in love with having your heart crushed just remember that you are worthy.
You are worth more than just some heartache from some skanky asshole.
And for what its worth, I just wanna assure you that one day whoever skanky bitch or ugly-ass bastard that happen to hurt you will paying 'their bills' anyway.
So don't worry to free yourself from some painful relationship, cos frankly speaking there's still a lot of jerks awaits to screw you over and to be screwed by you..
And there's absolutely no good by feeling desperate and all not-good-enough-to-be-happy or feeling down cos your heart were smashed and crushed, because there's still a lot of things, a lot of pretty good things could've happen in your life, and it's a damn shame to let those things slipping away just because an ass feeling of a heartache..

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