Saturday, March 27, 2010


We (speaking as a girl to all girls) happen to be more attracted to bad boys.
More rebel they look, more hot they became.
More bad they act, more cool they seem.
Yeah, we (girls) happens to love jerks. Jack asses..
We happens to fell in love with some jack ass who we knew exactly from the very beginning he was an asshole who had a huge potential to tore and broke our heart.
Yes. We knew it, but we chose to deny it, and yet still impulsively went out with them.
It's not a bad thing tho'.. Cos the hard life gets you, the more clever you become to get over it.
and yeah we all knew how the story goes.
It's a classic..
Girl falls in love with a boy who happens to be such a jerk,
and bam!
There you go, boy walks away and leave the girl with a heartache, most of it a big fat giant hole in her heart.
And we, cos we sometimes are a vulnerable human being, tend to keep hangin' on thoughts that he will regret every bad things they've done to us and one day would run come crawling back to us.
Well, let me tell you guys something.
That won't be happening!
Well, in some sort of special case, maybe it did happened.
But 8 from 10 story prove it won't happened.
Why it won't be happening? Cos they were jerks.
Guys are jerks. And jerks don't do nice.
So they will never regret whatever bad things they've done, even so they most likely didn't even noticed that they hurt us.
So if you one from that bunch sad-self pittying-broken girls who happens still hangin' on some jerks, let me give you some advise, "go get a life, you sad pathetic lame girls!".

you are definitely wasting your time.. And even though you still wanna wait, at least don't stopped your world, don't live your life with sad looking eyes and tons of regrets and "what could've been sentence" hangin' first thing in your freakin' mind..
At least go live a life while you're waiting.
If he's destined to be with you he'll come around..

don't you ever thinking that there is no one else out there for you cos they were..
Don't you ever afraid of losing one jerk and put love as an excuse,
cos they're so much fish in the sea and frankly speaking there's still so much other jack asses waiting to hurt you.
So don't worry, you'll get yourself another jerk eventually.

and third,
have peace with yourself.
i know that break-ups were hard, tough.
goodbyes are sad.
but let us think that goodbyes are new beginning.
A chance to start something new..
and just for the love of God, please stop feel sorry for your self.
stand up, go put some action,
be the best of you
and find happier life...!


sara said...

what if the jerk was me? =(

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