Monday, November 3, 2008

little faith

like i told you before.
like i told anyone else before.
i'm not a positive-kinda-person.
i'm not such an optimistic-kinda-girl.
i'm definitely not easy-believing-things-kinda-girl.
i'm not the girl who believes that love does exist.
or believe that life like fairytale does really exist.
no.i'm absolutely not that kinda' girl.

i'm just a cynical-ordinary-girl who try to keep believing that dreams do come true.
i'm just a realistic-ordinary-girl who try to keep believing that miracles does exist.
even i know that sort of things like miracles and/or dreams coming true is just for princess in fairy tales.
and i'm not a princess.
and my life is tottally not even close with fairy tale.
but indeed, i'm still try to believing.
try to believe miracles does exist and dreams do come true, so an ordinary girl like me can be a 'princess' someday.
maybe not now,
not tommorrow,
not the day after tommorrow,
and not even next year.
but someday.
well. i know there is no fairy tale life like.
but when everythings were crumbling apart, when everythings fall down into a pieces, believing is the only thing we can do. faith is the only way to make us keep standing still.
and now,
i try to put my little faith and try to believe that i can be a 'princess' someday on my own fairy tale.
not now.
not tommorrow.
but one day.


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