Thursday, November 19, 2009

the benefits of the doubts

the benefits of the doubt...
this is the phrase that we usually used when we having a doubt or suspect whether that person was truth or not, but we still accept what they said anyway. like i doubted when my friend told me that she's sleep at home on saturday night, but i choose to accept it anyway even though maybe i still doubt it. yeah, something like that.
that called "the benefits of the doubt". you give them the "benefits" of the doubts you had by trying to believe before 100% accusing the person.

well, i'm here not to give any of you the language lesson or some kind of that,
i just feel like this "the benefits of the doubt" thing is sometimes stupid.
we, usually giving this benefits of the doubts to someone that having a relation with us, that had been bonded with us, someone we care, someone we love because we always assuming that the person we love never tell a lies.
to be honest. the person we love DOES never tell a lies IN A FAIRY TALE!
but unfortunately, we are not live in fairy tales.. and people we do love, does telling a lie to us.
and why on earth you give them "the benefits of the doubt" when you knew they was lying? just for the sake of "i try to believe them" or "they deserve a second chance..."?!

oh! screw that crap!
i mean,
communication is something irreversible. something that you can't repeat, something that you can't erase. something that will stick.
this is the same with lying or hurting someone.
those things are irreversible.
so what's the point by giving the benefits of the doubts when you know, deep down, you were hurt and the pain will stick.
what's the point by trying to believe when you, deep down, knew that person was lying? what's the point by trying to accept whatever those person said just for the sake of second chance?
so yes, in my opinion,
the benefit of the doubt was stupid.
that was very stupid cos this thing made us doubting our self. made us doubting whether we made the right choice to believe or to not believing.


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