Friday, December 18, 2009

Sebastian Pigott - Alien Like You

i'm in love with this song!
i first heard it when i watched "Being Erica", a canadian TV Series starring Erin Karpluk. it's quite nice series tho'.
and in their season 2, episode 5, one of tha cast Kai (Sebastian Piggot, a member of Piggot Brothers, a Canadian Rock Star) sang this song. and after that on their twelve episode, Kai sang it again.
here's the scene of it, i took it from youtube..

and here's the lyrics of it.. (and yes, there's a slight different words from the first clip and the other.. and pardon me if there's a mistake because i get this lyrics by listening the song over and over again and write it down..)

I know what your feeling
It's hard to believe in
that home must be millions
and billions of light years away
so let the stars align
let the water make wine
cause broken souls would become home tonight
oh tonite
we know its right so...

lift your eyes and let me in
cause baby Im an alien, like you
will you ever let me be, alien.... with you

Aren't you tired of running
from what your becoming
the truth is its useless there's nowhere to go its not going to find you
so let the heavens flare
let's not be scared
we know love is a world above this one
it's like the sun

lift your eyes and let me in
cause baby Im an alien, like you
will you ever let me be, an alien.... with you


Anonymous said...

I love that song too! Did you know that Sebastian Pigott (Pigott has one g, 2 ts) wrote it with his brother Oliver? You can hear them sing it together at The lyrics are posted there too!

You can also hear it at, where you can also link to download it. The lyrics are a little different and it has an edgier feel. I like the Pigott Brothers' version the best! Alien Like Yoiu is the best song ever!

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