Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yet another post about marriage

one of my high school friend is getting married this saturday, yes, this saturday, and i still can't believe it. i still can't believe that one of my high school friend is really getting married soon.
i mean, come on, look at us, only 19 (soon-to-be-20) years old, (not so) freshly graduate from high school and so far from graduating university.
we're just teenager for heaven's sake! and i just couldn't believe that one of my friend is getting married this soon!!!
it makes me think that I also should get married anytime soon too like I really need to get married.
but hell, I don't think I want myself be stuck in a marriage too soon...
Marriage, despite its function to legalize two people having sex (or making love to be more polite), is only an institution full of people's expectation.
it is only an institution that full of pressure (and (hopefully) pleasure also)...
well, it's not that I don't believe in marriage or I hate it, or anything. I just don't take marriage too seriously like it's the most important thing in life. i think marriage is only a compromise of two people that want to share the rest of their lives together.
I will be married one day, eventually.
and I do hope my marriage life is full of happiness.
got hitched with a great man, having a great life, and like those flick-chick romantic movies, together till death do us apart.. yeah, (maybe) I also want those sort of cheesy things. but it's definitely not now. not for now..
i mean, isn't it terrifying??
stuck with the very same person for the rest of your life? for every breath you healed, every step you made. waking up and go to bed with the same person every single bloody day.
some might say it's romantic, but for me, in this very age, those sounds lunatic! it's all terrifies me.. cos for me, married is like giving up the whole freedom you had and giving all your chance to be happy into one-man hand. it's like, if he's blew up, then everything is blew up!
married is giving everything we had to one lucky bastard who we shall pray never gonna break our heart.
so apparently, all a couples need to made their marriage success is not a basket full of prayer to having a cute babies, or to cherished and to respected each other, but
all a couple need to work their marriage is a HUGE LUCK, and a BIG DICK.
so, happy married you guys...


sara said...

"married is giving everything we had to one lucky bastard who we shall pray never gonna break our heart."

what a nice yet a true quote!

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