Thursday, October 8, 2009

Loss by Sheila Liliana

its not the loss that we cant handle
its the ability to know that something has vanished from our lives
the inability to know whether it is replaceable or not
its the fear to actually figure out if everythings gonna be the same or not
fear to realise that something is worth more than we thought
its where people telling us to carry on
we want to
we wish we could
we cant, however
its when we hate ourselves for pouring tears out
we hate that we are fragile
the water trumps the stone, eh?
its how hard we strive to pull ourselves back togetha
its how we hope something will fix itself up
how we pretend to believe that time does heal
its when we find out time wont do such thing

when we can think yet cant think at the same time
its when we cant find words to describe it anymore
these are the things that we cant handle
these typical things
its not the loss

-originally created by : Sheila Liliana-

pas gue baca, gue cuma bisa bilang those typical things she wrote are so damn true till it almost annoy me. this is so damn annoyingly true. damn!


s said...

haukahkahakk.. tipikal tapi menohok

sara said...

i like this!hehe

Freya said...

bagus juga....bagus bagus....

tapi seharusnya tidak usah sampai seperti yang ditulis puisi itu kalo punya Tuhan sebagai kekuatan hehehe...

Salam kenal by the way.

Saya Freya.

[rei] said...

@freya:ini bukan buatan saya...dan kalau menurut saya, semua hal bisa dijadikan puisi mau punya kekuatan apapun...

Willy & Jonih said...


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