Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i love writing..

i love writing.
stuff. stories. experience. fantasies.
i love writing.
i just soooo in love with writing.
writing is part of my day. my life. may soul.
writing is one of my passion. my desire. my dream. my obsession.
i love playing with words. letter. phrases.
i love find the match word, the perfect word, the suitable word to express my feelings.
i'm not an autistic girl who can't talk to express my feelings or silently shy kinda' girl so i prefer to write.
i love to speak.
i love to talk about stuff.
but writing felt so much different with talking.
write makes me comfortable.
makes me feel like playing with my old stuff.
like i'm in my happy place.
my own amusement park.
yeah in bottom line, i love to write.
but there is one tinny little problem.
i never feel like i can write something good.
something really- really good.
something great.
i always assume my writing just some crap. some shit.
i never really had a PIECE.
like something hugely GREAT.
like something people actually would like to read. would love to read.
i always doubted my self...
i always thought i never be good enough for something or for anything.
or am i actually never been good enough for anything??


s said...

i woouuld loooooove to read your NOT crap writings..

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