Thursday, April 2, 2009

not by me..

actually this isn't written by me.
but somehow i like the words, and i know one of the writers, after ask for his permission, i just copy-paste from this link to my blog.

Best Actress
False Tears, Fake Cries, Grimm Smile
One perfect mix for a girl like you
You could easily have me
Only when i'm not aware

Wipe all those fake cries
I know you get all in your hand
Cause when everyone realize
You're just walking heartless

All of this emptiness
Is written by you
Don't you think this world is giving?
It's time to give up and end this lies

Take off your make up
It;s time to face the mirror
just be yourself, show your face
cause when the time is up
there will be no more for you
to lay down and rest your head.

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SWASTIKA said...

gw tau dong siapa yang nulis :b
pacar nya rere!!!

[rei] said...

kok au sih cong?

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