Monday, June 15, 2009

i stop counting on fourteen

i stop counting the day.
i stop counting the day since it's so LAME to do. since it's useless. since it's unnecessary to do. since counting doesn't make any different.
so i stopped.

kemarin, empat belas juni.
empat belas hari setelah satu juni.
empat belas hari sebelum dua puluh delapan juni.
empat belas hari setelah hari gue berubah drastis.
empat belas hari sebelum usia gue nambah lagi satu angka, jauh dari usia empat belas tahun.

kemarin, empat belas juni, gue berhenti menghitung.
berhenti menghitung hari keberapa tanpa dia.
berhenti menghitung berapa hari sebelum tahun terakhir gue sebagai remaja dimulai.

because counting the day is definitely won't make my feelings any better anyways...,
counting the day won't make all this shitty-hell-alike feel disappear anytime soon anyway,
because counting the day is DEF-fckin-NITELY can't made 28th of june disappear like it isn't exist for a while ,
because counting the day still can't make me allowed to skip my birth-fckin-day this year,
dan yang jelas karena ngitung hari cuma bikin gue terlihat TOLOL!
so i stop counting.


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