Saturday, August 15, 2009

quick post

"if love was all around, how come i can't find any?"
last night, or this early morning should i put, i tweet those sentence and @bslengi, one of my friend, replying my tweet by saying "you know what re, maybe it (the love) could be saying the same thing with you. just wait hahaha"
so i replied it again after thought about it for a while, "so 'it' could be saying 'if rei was all around, how come we can't find her?' hahaha"
then i, myself conclude our tweets. so in order to be found by love, i think i have to be seen more.
okay then. the first step, i think i should tweet more by greeting love by saying "hey love, here i am..come and get me quickly pal!" hahahhaa... no... no... i'm just kidding even though that would be try-able some other time. hahahhaa...
well, it's not that i'm in some kind of hurry anyway, but i just want to prove it to my self that i can love someone else other than him...


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